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August 2002

Mozart on My Mind

Stephanie-LowerONE LOVELY SUMMER evening 10 years ago, I walked around the grounds of Schloss Mannheim with Stephanie Lower (at left). It's something I always associate with the month of August now.

We enjoyed a gala evening of Mozart next to a fountain and under the stars. My life has changed a lot since that evening. In fact, my world in Germany got totally distorted after the winter of 1992. In the process, I got a soundtrack of my life that includes Mozart, Pink Floyd, REM, Four Non-Blondes, and Supertramp. Most of those tracks were in Steph's playlists and they moved to the cassette deck in my car as I rolled through 30,000 miles every year on the German autobahn.

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Stephanie A. Lower, born 20 Jan 1967, frustrated by the US military.

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