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Developing applications for Smart Devices

BAWNTAMEENA E1 -- The .Net compact framework will supposedly bring "write once, run on multiple (MS) devices" capability to Pocket PC devices. It works like a browsecap file which has the abilities (such as screen size and colours) of most devices in it and the .Net Mobile Controls "automagically" display the best content layout for the device.

Visual Studio .Net 1.1 upgrade has default support for the mobile controls and a pocket PC device emulator. This is supposed to help ASP.Net developers to start becoming smart device developers for applications that run through a browser when connected and applications that are installed and run locally on the actual device.

Nokia uses the Symbian OS and Java. At a recent Nokia Developer Conference in Dublinl, I learned that development consists of selecting a specific "profile" for a specific device and then deploy to that device only.

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