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Towards transparent electronic voting

KILKENNY -- Major concerns about the electronic voting mechanisms continue to be expressed in Ireland. Some of the concerns echo comments made on other continents. I believe more consultation should be done before electronic counting mechanisms eliminate the transparency needed by tallymen in Irish elections. The software used to record votes needs to be opened at the source code level for several reasons: (1) to ascertain whether passwords are embedded in source code, (2) to evaluate the level of encryption in the system, (3) to analyse reasons for denying printouts of ballots cast being made for individual voters.

Antoin O Lachtnain raises additional issues concerning layouts of ballots, tallying methods and polling stations. All deserve to be part of an informed national debate because the envisioned system does not inspire confidence.

There have been several calls to vet voting machines by Irish software developers. These calls need to be followed up by informed debate.
Wired News and Open -- "More calls to vet voting machines"
Antoin O Lachtnain -- "Electronic voting: putting voters first"
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