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KILKENNY -- Adrian Weckler launches mini-rants from his soapbox column in the Sunday Business Post and last Sunday's column was no different as he rounded on PDFs. After reading his diatribe, I started to think that Weckler may never have used the Adobe Portable Document Format for anything except to read material on the Web. If that's the case, I think he needs to discuss with marketing staffs why the PDF is their format of choice when presenting the company image in the framework of a printable document. I think he should sit down with CFOs who use information in their PDFs to set down terms and condition for licensing of software products. Then he should consider the opinion of the 27 Internet co-ordinators employed by county councils and hear how their use of PDFs cuts the cost of licensing expensive mapping software.

While some may argue that the PDF file abuses bandwidth, confuses search engines and locks up browsers, there are compelling and revenue-generating reasons to promote the Portable Document Format in today's connected world of collaboration.

Adrian Weckler edits Computers in Business for The Sunday Business Post. Bernard Goldbach teaches best practise in web development for Tipperary Institute.
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