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It is an on-demand world

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DOUBLE-TRUCK ADS FROM IBM tell readers of glossy magazines that "it's an on demand world."¹ When people read that phrase alongside the trusted IBM logo, they sit up and believe it.

When did it happen? Who pushed the "on" button in on demand? Actually, the answer is in the backpacks of students earning multimedia degrees in Ireland.

It's been coming for some time. Students want their music on demand. More and more people have moved from buying CDs to downloading the songs they want to hear, when they wnt them. On demand is changing the way my students--and entire industries--act. On demand makes coverage of "multimedia databases" exceptionally relevant when earning a BSc in Computing and Communications.²

Students who qualify with this degree will know the technology required to get things on demand, whether it's their music or their friends' videos or cars or planning documents from the local authorities. The more consumers get these things on demand, the more they expect that capability from everyone in the sector.

The best thing is that I'm working with students who will be able to meet these on demand expectations. so they will be able to help businesses act--and react--fast.

¹IBM -- "A guide to the on demand world: The big picture"
²Tipperary Institute offers multimedia diplomas and degrees.