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December 25, 2003

Christmas Pictures

Bunny's First ChristmasFRIENDS WHO DIDN'T GETcamera phones for Christmas wonder where the technology is going. They see my Sony Clié and marvel at the simple work it makes of taking, saving and sharing Christmas pictures and video clips shot around the Christmas hearth. It's easy to see how this little palm-sized computer could be the first hint of a generation of devices that people use to share their Christmas pictures.

I have photo albums from home that I thumbed through when alone during past Christmas holidays. Old folks look at their photo albums the same way. Families split up by divorce cling onto memories sparked by looking at pictures in their wallets, purses or albums. What's to say there's not a homeless soul on a cold Dublin street who occasionally glances at a digital photo--using the memories evoked by the image to hold onto reality for yet another day. Those are strong Christmas pictures and ones I hope the technology can blend into lives of those who don't have a warm Christmas fire in their lives.

Bonus Link: Flickr Christmas photostream
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