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Pron Clubs

EXAMINER -- Paedophiles on the the Internet operate on a "club" basis and in order to be in the club, you need to trade with your own images.

Some quick facts about "child abuse images on the Internet:"

  • The average age of someone downloading abusive images of children from the Net is 25.
  • 70% of all images are of white girls and 90% of all images of boys are white.
  • The typical age range of children in abusive images is between six and twelve.
  • More toddlers and babies are appearing in abusive images.
  • Photographs and video images are becoming increasingly violent and sadistic, often involving torture.

Colette Keane -- "Hidden threat of Internet Child Porn" in The Irish Examiner, March 5, 2004.
The content filters at most Irish colleges prohibit this page from being viewed if it's entitlted "Porn Clubs" and I have not succeeded in getting this constriction removed. It means educating censorware and that's just not something most local IT techs are tasked to do.
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