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Clie Reader

KILKENNY -- You can buy better technology in the medieval Irish city of Kilkenny now that many photography shops carry PDAs and iPods. But if you intend to stock up on reading materials in Kilkenny bookshops, you need to sharpen your focus on Irish titles or mainstream best sellers. You won't find Wired anywhere but in Power Newsagents.

All this doesn't worry me much because I have found that I can buy e-books for my Sony Clie from Palm Digital Media. Palm Digital has more cool titles than I have time to read. Plus, guys like Mark Frauenfelder offer his reading list for consideration ("lots of the books I want, like Steven Johnson's Mind wide Open, and Bill Bryson's A Brief History of Nearly Everything.")

Everything is less expensive when you download the electronic version. Plus, you don't have to kill a tree or queue in the Post Office to collect your book. I still lust for the feel of a book in my hands, so I think I'll continue acting the packrat and filling the book shelves with my collections.

Mark Frauenfelder -- "Sony Clie (as reader)"