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May 26, 2004

Straight-talking Michael O'Leary

Michael O'LearyFT -- One of the best things about reading the Financial Times is the occasional interview, letter or advertorial by Michael O'Leary from Ryanair. The British papers and Irish press cover O'Leary verbatim--something a stateside news outlet couldn't afford because O'Leary is a salty dog. This week, FT asked O'Leary what Ryanair was doing about the demands the Belgian authorities have made for the return of €3.5m in subsidies received by the airline. "We have written back to say fuck off."

O'Leary's longest interviews appear in weekend editions where they double as personality shorts and business impressions. Graham Bowley cornered O'Leary in the City Club in London last year and ran the piece in the Financial Times Weekend section.

  • On the right to fly: "For years flying has been the preserve of rich fuckers. Now everyone can afford to fly."
  • On travel agents: "Screw the travel agent. Take the fuckers out and shoot them. What have they done for passengers over the years?"
  • On Ryanair's strict no-refund policy is the source of most complaints: "We don't fall all over ourselves if they... say my granny fell ill. What part of no refund don't you understand? You are not getting a refund so fuck off."
  • On Jurgen Weber, Lufthansa's chief executive: "Weber says Germans don't like low fares. How the fuck does he know? He's never offered them any. The Germans will crawl bollock-naked over broken glass to get them."
  • On co-existence with British Airways: "There is too much: 'we really admire our competitors'. All bollocks. Everyone wants to kick the shit out of everyone else. We want to beat the crap out of BA. They mean to kick the crap out of us."
  • On being happy: "They don't call us the fighting Irish for nothing. We have been the travel innovators of Europe! We built the roads and laid the rails. Now it's the airlines!"
  • On the ultimate goal: "Free tickets. In a decade or so, airlines will pay travellers to distribute people around Europe. The airline industry is Tesco, is Ikea, is network TV in the way viewers watch for free and advertisers pay for access to them, is the internet in the same way that websites earn money for delivering click-through traffic to other sites."

Wired magazine lists Michael O'Leary's Ryanair as one of the "top 40 companies driving the global economy." The magazine praises Ryanair.com, the site that handles 95% of all the sales.

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Why am I excluded from all the cheap flights offers just because I work in a school office? Yes I know I don't work in the school holidays, but I'm not paid for them either; and don't have the option to take holidays at other times.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have sent this email to every email addresses I can find related to Ryanair, if you are not responsible for this issue, please do forward it to the right person.

Recently, in my city-Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China, a company, named Ryanair Human Resource Management Company who stated that they are authorized by Ryanair Ltd (Ireland), are recruiting air hostess, ground personnel, and staff members work for the Chinese Ryanair Headquarter which will be available in 2008.

They ask for some money for physical examination (86eur) and training (3500eur), this make me doubt the authenticity of their activity. Also I can not find any information about recruitment of Ryanair in China on your official website, this deepen my doubt.

If they are not authorized by Ryanair Ltd (Ireland), they are defrauding in China with the company name of Ryanair.

So, please check whether your company has authorized this kind of activity in China and reply asap.



Please can anyone seeking personal redress with THIS Mr O'Leary with respect to any business activities of Ryanair please take on board the fact that one of my website clients, a storyteller by the name of... Michael O'Leary....... is a namesake and that is where the similarity ends... unless rugged good looks are taken into consideration.... however I am only privy to the high quality of yarns (MY) Mr (Mike) O'Leary weaves so am somewhat unable to offer judgement for the activities of THE Mr O'Leary in the discount aviation realm..... success in google rating is indeed a double edged sword when the complainer is a pupil of the "School for the Hard of Thinking" and has a scatter gun module installed in their email client....

Ryanair are THUGS, and I mince my word.
I was never handled so badly by any company, and I fly since I'm 6 yo.
And yes Mr. Weber is right, I 'm ready to pay more (and often it isn't even THAT more) not to be treated like a piece of garbage.
Mr. Ryanair, I wrote to you and you didn't even spend a penny on a stamp to answer my letter, YOU are the piece of SCUM, not the other companies.

I agree with "de nun" I booked a flight to Dublin
for my daughters 21st a short stay in the Arlington on the 2nd February to return on 3rd yes the day the south east came to an end because of the snow fall, Ryanair were the only airline flying that day,it seems, with no cancellations and time schedules being kept at 99% no less, and as we were caught in the traffic for 5 hours on the M25 caused by the snow we thought we missed the flight so they charged me full fair (£142.00)again(not a tranfer fee)to catch the flight my daughter missed although that flight too was still at Gatwick because of the snow fall and didn't leave until 3.30pm 5.1/2 hours late, only to discover after 12.1/2 hrs there was no next flight, yet they still managed to keep thier flight time running at 99% punctuality, anyone can if they keep moving the goal post's no wonder they are predicting unexpected profits if they charge passengers twice for the same flight and you dont even get to leave the airport......The staff were rude and unhelpfull to add to the stress and treated the passengers with contempt at one point my daughter was told to "shut up" by an attendant hiding her name badge. My daughter didn't make it to Dublin she got collected from the airport at 1.00am to arrive home at 3.00am. She is still wrapped up in bed worring about my expence £285.48 in total for the 2x return tickets with no offer of a refund or credit knowing I can't afford to send her on a trip to an airport again. Some 21st birthday trip....the Arlington gave a full refund. As I am unable to make any contact with the Ryanair Team perhaps this can be passed on to "Mr Micheal O'leary the billionair".

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