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July 2004

Moodle Moot in Ireland

MOODLE -- The first Irish Moodle Moot happens on Friday, 10 September 2004, on the Dublin City University campus. It's an event hosted by DCU and assisted by both Tipperary Instituteand the Irish Learning Technology Association (ILTA). This is a fast-track event provided tips and tricks for those interested in Open Source Software for education.

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Make Science

Make Science ProjectsBernie Goldbach in Kilkenny | Image from O'Reilly 

THE HACKING MINDSET is alive and well inside Irish DIY and that spirit needs to be enshrined by the State. OReilly is rowing in behind the idea with a concept magazine loaded with exciting projects that help you shows kids how to make technology work. That's important because at the end of July 2004, there were only 16,200 pages of things made in Ireland.

This is a magazine that celebrates your right to tweak, hack, and bend any technology to your own will. It's available after Christmas 2004. I'm asking Eason to stock it.

Updated 4 August 2012. Eason do not stock Maker magazine.

Make -- "The First Magazine for Technology Projects" will be announced on the O'Reilly Newsletter.

Bernie Goldbach curates DIY links.

Participants make Open Source work

ON LAMP -- Tim O'Reilly is making the rounds, asking what it means that Google, eBay, and are the new killer apps. He repeats Clayton Christensen's quote that "Free and open source software is the Intel inside of the next generation of software applications--or is it?" According to Christensen's law of conservation of attractive profits, the value simply migrates to adjacent levels.

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SMS Alerts

GLOBETECH -- One of the quiet success stories is the revenue flowing from premium SMS or subscription text alerts in Ireland. Companies like Globetech partner with content providers to offer a range of subscription based SMS alerts. Customers (anyone with a mobile phone) can opt to receive information via SMS text on a daily, twice weekly, weekly or triggered by an event, basis. These are paid for using premium rate SMS, and all revenue is shared.

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