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Craigslist Dublin

CRAIGSLIST -- One day after Karlin Lillington's Irish Times article pointed out that Craig Newmark had ported his very-retro (text-only) Craigslist to Dublin, we have creased through 500 postings on the Dublin Craigslist.

Most people are posting in the "personals" section. There are 52 "community" items because most of the community action is happening on Boards.ie. People are advertising "services" and "housing" and "for sale" (63 and 49 and 49) in percentages that are close the way the Mother of All Craigslists are apportioned. Fewer than 10 entries each are in the CVs, events, jobs, and gigs. But Craigslist is a proven winner. Within three months, this should be a popular watering hole for students in search of flats, jobs and fun.

Karlin Lillington-- "Craigslist comes to Dubln" via her brother Pete.
Craig Newmark's favourite movie is "Bladerunner."