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February 2005

Viceversa knives

Vice Versa KnivesNO KITCHEN is complete without a knife set with attitude. Start yours with the Italian Viceversa collection. I'd buy this one by Raffaele Iannello but I cannot see a way to buy from viceversa online in the Italian catalogue. I'd like to have this red character in my kitchen. The designer was born in Catania (downwind from Sigonella Naval Air Station where I once hibernated) and he studied Industrial Design at the Milan Polytechnic. He created the official websites for Bulgari, Chicco, and Pioneer.

Even the Viceversa designers make poster-perfect displays.


Sunday snippets

KILKENNY -- The back-handers of government-aided enterprise will have to change now that Neelie Kroes, the EU Competition Commissioner has pledged to take a tough line in policing State aid. Intel's Fab 24.2 in Leixlip will lose some of the millions of euro of government aid if Ireland is to follow the EU's view in terms of "less and better" support. The Irish government would have absorbed much (if not most) of the capital construction costs for the Intel plant. It will be hard to offer that hand-out now, since the EU has reviewed the back office paperwork behind the Intel deal.

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Free Dublin WiFi Temple Bar

TEMPLE BAR -- There's free internet access, email service and Skype VoIP service in Temple Bar Square, courtesy of Eircom. With a Nokia 9500, that means I get free moblog authoring. That's something Richard Delevan should consider as a compelling reason to upgrade from his Nokia 9210. Everything is faster with a Nokia 9500. With free Eircom WiFi service, everything got got cheaper.


How Paris got hacked

Paris Hilton with dogIT'S PROBABLY NOT SMARTto use a common name as a password. Paris Hilton did and she gave away her phone records to the world. Hilton uses a Sidekick II and that little piece of silicon has no sophisticated lock-down feature on it. You could probably get the phone numbers in the online accounts of most people in Ireland by trawling through the O2 and Vodafone sites with known numbers and names of pets. Social passwords are just too easy. By the way, the name of my dog is "Doggie" for anyone interested in this sort of thing.

Brian McWilliams -- "How Paris Got Hacked"  with screen grab of the compromised account.

Russ Beattie: "Mobile data is sensitive data."

x_ref125mw #technology

Open Note to Irish Rail

UNDERWAY -- Irish Rail needs to advertise a text number that can be used to report problems with services. For the third time in 2005, I have paid €26 to ride the smoking train. Years ago, I would simply sit down where I preferred--smoking or no smoking. Today, Irish Rail says there is no smoking aboard trains. I have clothing that smells otherwise. I would like to text this fact to Irish Rail while underway. Perhaps I could get advice on where to find a no smoking carriage.

Sent mail2blog using Nokia 9500 Typepad service while en route Athy-Kilkenny. Monitoring this on Bloglines, Technorati and Feedster.


Friday filings

TEMPLE BAR -- The biggest discovery I have made today is the presence of a free Eircom node in the heart of Temple Bar. Thanks to "Eircom 130", you get this blog post at no charge.

I had a quick read of several Irish broadsheets but only skimmed over the leading story about the quashed convictions in the Brian Murphy case. The legal system is not my forte. In Ireland, it favours the accused. Other tidbits:

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