Goodbye Abba Pater Bishop of Krakow
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Spank while you sell

THE WORLD CORPORAL PUNISHMENT RESEARCH group has a gallery of images dedicated to "Spank while you sell" that could easily be reworked into an initiative by the Irish Department of Education and Science in its campaign to control rowdy behaviour in classrooms. The parent website "is about corporal punishment, including caning, birching, strapping, paddling, slippering, spanking, etc. It deals only with known facts in real life... Its purpose is to facilitate the serious study of this major social and cultural phenomenon which has been a significant part of human life for many thousands of years." Where I grew up--well outside of the shadows of the Magdalene Laundries and the industrial schools that marked the landscape of Ireland--the Irish nuns faithfully practised these routines.

Colin Farrell -- "Spank while you sell: Corporal punishment imagery in print advertising"

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