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Best coffee in Temple BarFLICKR -- One of the metrics batted around at Flickr Central is "your 100th most viewed" and the discussion leads to some sobering statistics. With more than 600,000 Flickr accounts online--some from people with Irishblogs--it's easy to find yourself slinking away from the discussions since so many people have many more compelling photos--compelling because thousands of people have seen their "100th most viewed" while no more than 80 have seen my "100th most viewed". (Note to self: do more portraits, erotic content or saturated colours in the images.) But I jumped into the fray, offering evidence of the image from my collection that hovers around #100 in the "most viewed" category. I wonder what happens once I have 1000 images uploaded to Flickr? That's likely to occur before the end of the summer.

"Rock of Cashel" is the "most favorited" photo I have on Flickr.
"Clonmel sunset" has attracted the most comments.