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Sony Digital Voice Recorder in the Classroom

Spotted in referrers

REFERRERS EDUCATE me, especially when they come in swarms of 10,000 page loads a week. Today I learned:

  • Cartoon Saloon is (
  • People like old Guinness advertisements.
  • Mobile video is about to explode.
  • More people are looking for iPorn than motoPorn.
  • This works because F-Secure says so: Putting $sys$ in front of a file name like a CD burning program makes Sony's DRM software hide the file. This means other DRM programs that try to detect CD burning programs on your computer won't be able to see it either.
  • People like reading old manuals for things like telephones and washing machines. You should save your stuff for your grandchildren.
  • NetVibes shows photos from Flickr faster than Flickr's Flash interface shows the photos.
  • Of all the 21st century technologies discussed on my blog, the one most-searched concerns call centres. On a related note, the first cold call I got over Skype was from someone selling Boston t-shirts.
  • When people land on this blog looking for t-shirts, they normally want Dublin Fire Brigade t-shirts. The most popular item of attire searched for here: thongs. Some guy (had to be a guy) came looking for "thesis on thong".
  • There are five times as many references to "Irish Barbie" than "Irish Bernie" in the search engines.
  • I record more searches on this blog for Ryanair than for Aer Lingus. "Kilkenny" is the most commonly searched-for destination. I used to live there and blogged about that.