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10 Questions from Sunday Papers

TAKING A BREAK from digging, filling, painting and cleaning, I've spotted 10 questions arising from a quick reading of the Sunday papers.

1. Who is the new face of Lenovo? Ronaldinho, who signed a one-year deal with the Chinese company.

2. What does Eddie Hobbs suggest the Irish government do? Cut the number of elected TDs by one-third and double their salary.

3. Where is Jim McDaid? He's not in his seat during Dail debates. He admits he has lost interest in constituency duties and he has told the press it is "time to get out". His attendance record is the worst in the Dail, and for that, he gets paid €94,000 annually. He retires next year on a government pension but will use his time to restart his career as a physician. In all ways, Jim McDaid is a superannuated old boy.

4. What high-level government body does not believe electronic voting in Ireland will save €1m at each election through 2020? The Public Accounts Committee.

5. Which Irish Sunday paper has the worst digital images? The Sunday Tribune. They just cannot seem to get the resolution right for print puublication.

6. What smart phone does BIll Gates like best? The Treo.

7. According to a recent study by the politics department of Trinity College, which Irish political party attracts the richest supporters? The Green Party.

8. If you attend an open session of an Irish court, can you blog about it? Maybe. But if the judge has restricted journos, you could be subject to a fine if the court has restricted media coverage of the event.

9. What does the current US Department of State Travel Advisory say about Dublin? Black Americans risk attacks by thugs who mistakes them for refugees. Robberies of small items from US citizens have recently turned into violent inidents.

10. Is there any requirement for a locally-elected counciller to use an e-mail address? No. But taxpayers provide laptops and pay internet access to connect these politicians to constituents with valid problems. They get the laptops even when they don't intend to use them.

Liam Fay -- "The party's not over yet for Ahern's old boys" in The Sunday Times, April 30. 2006.
Liam Reid --- "Renewed pressure to abandon electronic voting" on the front page of The Irish Times, April 29, 2006.
David McWilliams -- "PDs use Reaganomics to punch above their weight" in the Sunday Business Post, 30 April 2006.