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August 29, 2006

Writing for the web

THE FIRST RULE of writing for the Web is "write to be found," opines usability guru Jakob Nielsen, plugging his latest book.

Nielsen quotes Churchill. "Short words are best and the old words when short are best of all." He adds: "Familiar words spring to mind unbidden. Thus, users are likely to employ old words when they boil down their problem to a search query, whic h is typically only 2-3 words long."

Jakob Nielsen -- Prioritizing Web Usability
John Dowdell -- "Accessible English"

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Chruchill? Spellcheck?

Looking forward for the creative multimedia course in Tipperary Institute!

Wasn't it Churchill who also said that someone, I can't remember who, "was intoxicated by the exuberance of their own verbosity"? Not short words but old words! Long words are also less effective for me due to typo-dyslexia.

That's good advice.

True! And it makes sense!

Very true, those who want to be found need to take notice of this. VIP

if it takes too much effort to do then its not worth doing!

I wonder if he was drunk when he said that?

Well that's very true. There's no point in cramming a sentence into a search query.

It's very hard to "write to be found".

Very interesting piece. Nice to see that you're at an advantage if you just get to the point and use basic words.

Finding the correct short words is the key

Cut out the bull!

I wouldn't mind knowing what the other rules are.

I am writing to be found by friends at the moment and havent yet put myself out there to the genral public. After reading this i may be inclide to put my writing out there to be found

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