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October 2006

You Suck

JASON CALACANIS offers searing advice to would-be A-List bloggers. He was fielding a question about the condition of the blogosphere--a point some Irish blogger gazers should consider when lamenting the decline of active Irish bloggers. “It’s (the blogosphere) not broken. You suck. How well you do in the blogosphere is up to YOU. No one else.” If you don’t have good traffic to your blog, don’t complain. Do something about it-- success in blogging really is all up to YOU. Don’t make excuses why your blog doesn’t get traffic. BTW, Google found 1.8m references to the phrase "you suck" when I posted this item. You can get the t-shirt in the top 10 results.

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Scary Movie

IT'S HALLOWEEN. So watch this with volume turned up.


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For Official Use Only

ONE REASON I took up blogging was to religiously document elements of my previous life in the service of the US government. Some of those incidents make good copy. Most of the time, I've been careful to mask some of my involvement in counterinsurgency (COIN) operations because the tactics I used, the fight profiles I trained pilots to fly, and the operating locations related to several taskings are still hot more than a decade when I was there. Without a doubt, details of my movements could be stamped "For Official Use Only" and that phrase would attract special scrutiny.

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Irish Automobile Standards

DEBATE ABOUT Irish road safety rages on but I don't think a single-issue candidate will emerge which means the average politician won't lose re-election on the back of doing nothing about the roads. In fact, the top politician in Ireland can speed to and from engagements, be clocked above the limit, and emerging smiling from his Mercedes because his poll ratings increase. Nonetheless, I believe the tech community and the gearheads agree there are two standards worth mandating before new cars are certified as road-worthy in Ireland.

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Creativity Blooming in Scobleshow

ROBERT SCOBLE'S edgy videos have evolved into smoother productions in high definition. His idea, to make video recordings of young startups for the ScobleShow is something Enterprise Ireland should consider. For example, Scoble shares 34 minutes of Bluedot, a site-sharing service. Scoble's technique is a friendly way of getting behind the curtain to watch creativity at work.

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Stuart Bruce Sucks

STUART BRUCE, the British PR guru with attitude, asks for link love to boost his T'rati standing. A single link from Ireland won't help matters much but if dozens of Irish bloggers linked to his explanation of why it's important to vent and link commentary online, all involved would benefit. For example, if Irish bloggers appended the word "sucks" to the title of any online review of an unsatisfactory service, you would see marketers, PR consultants and brand managers jumping to attention all over the island. Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz discuss a variation of this concept in FIR #183. [2.6 MB 96 kbps MP3 file extract] The big problem is deciding on the linkages. So while most agree that driving on Irish roads sucks, who gets the link love for Irish roads? There's no dispute in saying Thinkhouse PR spam sucks. And everyone agrees broadband in Ireland sucks. Current services from Blueface suck. And I think stupid drivers in Ireland suck.

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Principles of Web 2.0

JOHN BATTELLE offers a listing of characteristics that define Web 2.0.

  • The web is a platform.
  • Formal architecture of participation (also known as user content or collective intelligence).
  • Lightweight business models.
  • Innovation in assembly.
  • Leverages the long tail and realises economic possibilities that didn’t exist before.
  • Search rules. Search drives Web 2.0 businesses. This is a turning point in marketing and a new reality for all forms of traditional business.

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