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Social Media ReleaseTHE FIRST WEEK of March could be considered an Irish blogging week, if your calendar looks like Conn O Muineachain's. You would have a number of activities earmarked that are running between the Irish Blog Awards on the 1st of March in Dublin, then the Webcamp in Cork on the second of Marck through BlogTalk in Cork on the third and fourth and finishing with CreativeCamp on 8 March 2008 in Kilkenny. There are a lot of reasons for Irish bloggers to tap into the energy that will flow from these events, merely because when considered together, they present a week of easily accessible knowledge, collaboration and real connections between parts of the Irish blogging community that currently coexist without noticing one another. On the run-up to the first week in March, some students in Tipperary Institute are making a social media release that captures the highlights of each of the three main events and incorporates some of the expected spin-offs (photowalks, tweetups, and Blogger dinners) related to each of the three local areas hosting the events. If all goes to plan, several creative multimedia degree students will devise content suitable for use in a social media release, bundling the best items together for distribution in local media channels. It's an interesting task, originating on the Public Relations curriculum and integrating elements of Media Writing, Media Studies and Mass Communications and Culture modules.

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