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September 27, 2008

Enormous Conversation about Twitter

OLMR Roseanne

DURING PODCAMP IRELAND TODAY, Roseanne Smith's talk about Twitter generated some interesting back chatter in the Online Meeting Rooms session. I almost dropped our DV webcam twice during the talk but I managed to get the back chatter from the conversation and I'm sharing it here for others to read.

roseanne >> : audio coming
roseanne >> : roseanne smith--why twitter?
Jonathan >> : Audio is pretty hard to follow, currently - same for you, Joe?
markmedia1 >> : same here on audio
Joe >> : she's moving around and not mic'd up we are capturing audio through camera
Jonathan >> : Sure, but it's breaking up too - not just camera mic issues.
roseanne >> : we need to have a router behind the main lectern that pre-empts normal wifi.
markmedia1 >> : can yall see her? I can only see guests.
Jonathan >> : Damn. Specs plus hat. I lose.
Joe >> : yes can see her
eske >> : i can see her
Joe >> : move window from over her. You can go full screen guys
Jonathan >> : I can see myself, Mikethebee, Mikethebee's hat, and Roseanne. Nobody else, if anyone's transmitting.
roseanne >> : I see mickthebee's hat!
lexia >> : thinking this is a shadow rosanne
roseanne >> : bernie is roseanne's typist
lexia >> : Hi Gabriela
Jonathan >> : My fave Twitter use so far: Mars Phoenix tweeting (in the first person) from Mars: http://twitter.com/Marsphoenix
Joe >> : mike where in the world are you?
mikethebee >> : I'm in Dingle this weekend, for a family do.
markmedia1 >> : my fav. is @joannageary, journalist in birmingham uk. Uses it as a conversational tool to talk with her readers
mikethebee >> : Amazing isnt it, I'm actually up a mountain, 1Mb/1MbWireless
Joe >> : dv cam kickin the arse out of webcam!
lexia >> : Hi Gav
mikethebee >> : I'm getting good pics, the sounds is a bit broken
Joe >> : ill drop your resolution a little
mikethebee >> : Its better than Stickam and less CPU intensive
Jonathan >> : Same here, Mike. Picture quality is impressive, but sound is breaking up.
mikethebee >> : And will those peeps stop coughing so loudly
Joe >> : at least you cant catch the cold!
Jonathan >> : #include "lozenge.h"
lexia >> : Well, posting lots of jobs to Twitter might piss off users
mikethebee >> : That include is a cough filter is it ?
lexia >> : So RecruitIreland maybe are playing it safe
>> : they could do it with rss on jaiku and post jobs that way
mikethebee >> : Or indenti,ca as a source system inhouse
lexia >> : I suppose. But Jaiku probably wouldn't hit as many people
>> : how would it be a problem? Surely you chose whom to follow
Joe >> : jaiku has a ways to go alright
mikethebee >> : If I change the bandwidth setting in my GUI does it do anythng
Jonathan >> : Things like TweetDeck help. I think we'll see gradually more sophisticated tools, just as we did for feeds.
markmedia1 >> (All): jaiku has a much bigger following in Sweden than Twitter
Joe >> : i have your bandwidth optimised mike
Joe >> : krishna sitting down the back
roseanne >> : we need better lighting all around or we need to force people into lighted positions,.
lexia >> : Well, even if your updates are locked. The conversation isn't private, right? DMs are private
markmedia1 >> : *only* dms are private.
>> : Twitter is not guarrented private
Jonathan >> : Hence the corporate systems which seemed to be all over TC50.
mikethebee >> : True but commercial systems set expectations
roseanne >> : I've received inadvertent DMs sent on the public timeline from a poorly executed DM webform at twitter.com
markmedia1 >> : twitter is about transperency in conversation. There are better systems for private conversations.
mikethebee >> : exactly
markmedia1 >> : and thats why companies need to start to use it as a tool to actually converse *with* the user base insread of a broadcast medium to talk *at* the user base
Jonathan >> : Ditto. Will see if that helps for audio from Kilkenny. Can't really follow this currently.
>> : I kind of like the broadcast medium. It's a flattener.
>> : there is a place for both but companies need to understand that there is a difference and create differentiate between them. Different twitter chanells for different purposes
lexia >> : threads will not happen for Twitter. I may be completely wrong though!
markmedia1 >> : there are already third party threaders. Maybe twitter will buy one like they did summize.
mikethebee >> : Just like fax,email, phone, mail
Jonathan >> : Do we know what Twitter's business model is yet? How sustainable is the platform, really?
eske >> : right now 3rd party threaders don't work very well
markmedia1 >> : business model? hahahahahahahahaha
mikethebee >> : what about Jama (sp?) is it
Jonathan >> : Quite. Scary to build on top of something that seems fragically, both technically and economically. Mind you, it worked out for YouTube.
mikethebee >> : I think mybe the sound gating is wrong
Jonathan >> : ("fragically"?! I think that should have been "fragile")
markmedia1 >> : twitter in and of its self is not important. It has (or is) a proof of concept for micro blogging.
Jonathan >> : Good spot, Mike. Something odd going on with echos, and cut-out on peaks. Does sound like a processing issue.
markmedia1 >> : there will be other better itterations, but micro blogging as a platform is here to stay
Jonathan >> : Entirely agree.
lexia >> : Is there anyone on the floor with a microphone?
Joe >> : no
lexia >> : My lipreading is rusty
>> : My use of Twitter: substitute for office chat / mulling stuff over / pointing things out to work-mates. I'm currently working from home, alone.
>> : so what need to happen is for companies/organisations/politics etc to get its head around the change in the communication system and not get hung up on individual names like twitter or second life.
lexia >> : Mark, I think it's more of a brand association - like Hoover for a vaccum cleaner
Jonathan >> : Yes. Learn the lesson, then apply it in whatever precise system(s) best reach your audience.
lexia >> : Or will be in the future
markmedia1 >> : lexia, that may well be true. And hover as a company is fucked LOL
Jonathan >> : The biggie, for me, is that my Twitter stream seems open, while my Facebook status feels locked behind Facebook's doors.
eske >> : couldn't find anything on "jama" - but "quotably" didn't do much for me in relation to threaded conversations -  gimme a heads up if you know of something better.
markmedia1 >> : @jonathan yes. Data portability and the ability to take your possie with you will be a defining issue I think. Try tweader.com
eske >> : nice one Mark - will check out
markmedia1 >> : not perfect but a step on the road
mikethebee >> : Jama or whatever was something FIR/jangles mentioned in a business context. Jason C was promoting it.
lexia >> : Blogs and Twitter don't compete. Different horses for different courses.
mikethebee >> : I find FB excludes me from what should be open conversations
markmedia1 >> : @lexia agree. Though I find I personally have almost stopped blogging due to getting shit out quick and dirty on twitter
lexia >> : @markmedia It can be tempting, alright
markmedia1 >> : but I think both the Liverpool Daily Post and the Birmingham Post are excellent examples of how to interconnect twitter with blogs and better serve your audience
roseanne >> : wrapping up here
mikethebee >> : Thanks all
Jonathan >> : Cool. Thanks everyone.
roseanne >> : bye bye jonathan
Jonathan >> : Cheers Bernie!
lexia >> : Nice work, Bernie. Impressive
roseanne >> : got you now! And thanks for all the back room help, Joe.
markmedia1 >> : thanks to all. Great to be able to attend from Sweden :-)
eske >> : thanks guys
lexia >> : bye guys
Jonathan >> : Yup, hard to hear sound, but interesting tool, this. Bye all!
roseanne >> : we're wrapping up here and really appreciate seeing 8 people watch Roseanne.
Joe >> : all the best to everyone
markmedia1 >> : see you all on twitter :-)
Joe >> : onlinemeetings is my twitter account feel free
>> : and I am markmedia on twitter
eske >> : Good job Joe -  thanks
roseanne >> : Joe gave up his saturday to support Kilkenny and that's much appreciated.
Joe >> : i enjoyed it too fella!



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I just wanted to pop in and say thanks a million to all of you for logging on to onlinemeetingrooms for my presentation. You all had some really interesting input and I'm going to follow a lot of it up now. It was really exciting knowing there were others involved remotely.
Roseanne (the real one this time as opposed to Bernie's impression of me :))

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