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Tom Murphy Moves Up Feeding Chain

Tom Murphy Natterjack PRLONG-TIME READER Tom Murphy (at left) moves to the Microsoft main campus in Redmond, effectively moving up the feeding chain in the Irish blogging community. His pre-emigration send-off session happens at 8PM 18 Feb 09 in the Market Bar, Dublin 2. Years before the Irish Blog Awards, well before digital media associations gave out awards for best blogging, the Irish Independent profiled Tom and his blog. Tom brings an air of cordial communications to blogging, a skill set that everyone who blogs would do well to emulate. It's easy to use blogging as a bully pulpit, as a place to drop names or to spout inanity for the masses. Those tactics will not ensure you can hold onto your job while blogging. Tom Murphy has a mother lode of advice on best practise when blogging in the workplace that deserves careful attention for anyone reading this on their employer's time.

An article from three years ago cautions readers to ensure they know company policy about online diaries before embarking on one.

Last month the dangers of employees' blogging came under the spotlight. News reports indicated that an employee in Waterstone's booksellers in the UK had been fired for keeping an online diary in which he commented on his workplace.

Elaine Larkin -- "Beware of the Blog" in the "Jobs & Careers" section of  The Irish Independent, February 17, 2005.
Tom Murphy -- "Readers of the Irish Independent"
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