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Twitter Mosaic MugONE OF THE MOST clever pieces of software I have seen running across the internet is Twitter Mosaic, a product of Walter @walter Higgins from Sxoop Technologies. Walter's code analyses a Twitter user's profile, extracts the small avatars from the result, and displays the avatars in a print-friendly way. In my case, more than 1000 little avatars scroll off my screen which means I need two A4 pages to print the results. You don't have to print the results on paper, however. The results can print out on a t-shirt, one I'll proudly wear to the 2009 Irish blog awards in the Cork Airport Hotel next week. You should try to make your own Twitter Mosaic, then click a few more times to land inside Zazzle, an online merchant where you can create a mug (like mine at left), T-shirt, or bag with your Twitter friends decorating them. I'm tracking my Zazzle purchase with great interest because if it arrives at my work desk early next week, it will be the first time since 2003 that I could complete an online transaction verified by Paypal. Twitter Mosaic extends beyond Twitter, Zazzle or Paypal. The clever code base could be engineered to harvest nearly any social network that exposes avatars, profile photos, or text info of members.

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Joe Drumgoole writes about Walter the superhero.
Get your own Twitter Mosaic at http://sxoop.com/twitter/mosaic.pl but don't connect to me (@topgold on Twitter) unless you're a porn princess.