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Boingo on E90TAKING A PAGE from Pat Phelan's notebook, I've loaded Boingo onto my Nokia E90 for an upcoming trip to the States. I've spotted Boigo service in hotels, cafes, and retail locations throughout Ireland, England and Germany in recent months. In fact, you can find Boingo in more than 1000 locations across Ireland. According to Pat Phelan, "The Boingo clients are excellent, ... they auto log you on to any available network, it's pure simplicity." One month's subscription to Boingo costs about the same at one day's usage in several city centre Dublin hotels where I've seen an afternoon's use of wifi costing more than a round of drinks in the hotel bar. Boingo’s free Wi-Fi client software installs quickly onto Nokia phones. It recognises more than 660 network names as Boingo-accessible hotspots, and stores a user’s name and password to simplify identifying and connecting to commercial Wi-Fi networks. Boingo and Eircom hotspots work seamlessly.