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Music Sales Resist Recession

Logo of's audioscrobblerEAGER TO FIND evidence of the 2009 recession at every shop till, I read one one page about the music industry's claims that Pirate Bay was crippling artists. Then on another page, I read that in the last quarter of 2008, album sales in the UK were 0.9% up on the previous year--at a time when the economy contracted by 1.5%. And UK royalties for songwriters rose 8% in 2008. To some observers, the music industry is resisting the recession. On Irish national radio, IRMA spokesmen have said that album sales would drop more than 10% in 2008 but in actuality, they fell only 3.25% while digital album sales rose by 65%. And in 2008, more singles were sold in that one year than in any year on record, when looking across all formats. When I hear IRMA and the doom-sayers moaning on national radio, I wonder if any of the spokesmen use (auto-scrobbling detected above) or if any of the complainers have family who enjoy the easy purchasing on iTunes. But then I realise that none of those services are from the recording industry and I resign myself to watching the death dance of an outmoded business.

Victor Keegan -- "Music industry must change the record" in the Technology Guardian, 21 May 09.