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November 12, 2009

Eight More Guardian Tech Sections

The Guardian Calls Time on TechIT'S THURSDAY and I'm happy buying the print edition of the Guardian. I get the Guardian on Thursdays because of its standalone technology section. The section will cease publication at the end of the year and I'll be without a major source of trusted information. Perhaps the tech crew will continue publishing online with the Guardian but I'll miss their print presence. I prefer the Techonology Guardian in print format because I can scan the entire section faster when it's sitting under my bag of chips than I can see its content online. Besides, you can't put a bag of chips on top of a Kindle and count on soaking up the vinegar and cooking oil. The Technology Guardian taught me a lot about Irish innovation, through the words of Vic Keegan, Karlin Lillington, Charles Arthur and Tim Radford. In the mid-90s, I religiously read Computimes on Mondays and the Technology Guardian on Thursdays. I learned the tech landscape that way. Computimes wound down before Y2K. A decade later, the Technology Guardian has also let the stage.
Jack Schofield's Tech Blog.

Charles Arthur's blog.

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Ditto. One of my weekly routines is reading the print version of the Technology Section on Thursday mornings over coffee. And it is also the only reason I will buy the paper today just like all those other Thursdays. Mulling over Vic Keegans latest thoughts was always a pleasure as I sipped my coffee and took a bite of my scone.

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