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Summer GearMY POOR NOKIA E90 is overflowing with notes to self. Here's hoping that I can get some traction by shifting them over to an action area of my blog.

Further Research Required

-- Sinead O'Sullivan of deserves a listen.

-- Doubletwist strips iTunes' DRM as does Soundforge 10.

-- Further to Social Objects: http://tinyurl/5dslhe

-- Sit in the Vibe Bar, off Brick Lane, to discuss the future.

-- We need more heroes.


-- Twitter is much less muscular than a true microblog because you cannot thread.

-- Caravans are fun venues when they're on top of hotels.

-- One million 3G iPhones were sold in three days.

-- In 2008, the shiny people at social networking events were quick to slag off video as a conversation tool.

-- "Everybody and his brother is doing a mobile app nowadays."