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AFTER A TWO-CUP Coffee Fixx, I swept my Nokia E90 over two Irish Sunday papers, paused over Banksy (above and item 8 with his own video) and found 12 minutes of video content about the side effects of the Irish property #bubble, the success of Irish animation, the emergence of mainstream #social media in Ireland, interesting energy #technology, some #social media trends, and a #travel warning for those thinking about visiting Ireland.

Qik Sunday News

Most of these topics feature in modules of the creative multimedia programme in Tipperary Institute, especially creative elements that are part of a proposed animation degree. I've cited the authors of each item below the break. I recommend Justine McCarthy's Docklands item [3]  and Adrian Weckler's spread on Twitter [16] if you're time-limited and want to enjoy intelligent writing today.


1. Brian Carey -- "11.2 bn loss by Anglo" on the front page of the Sunday Times, 28 Feb 10.

2. Damien Kiberd -- "NAMA fails to bring lending" in the business pages of the Sunday Business Post, 28 Feb 10.

3. Justine McCarthy -- "How the Docklands drowned in debt" is the Focus article in today's Sunday Times.

4. Pat Leahy -- "Departments ordered to find €1,5bn in new cuts" on the front page of the Sunday Business Post, 28 Feb 10.

5. Cliff Taylor -- "Joining the Dots" in the Sunday Times.

6. Brendan Williams -- "Discredited Planning System" is the main oped in the Sunday Business Post.


7. Mary Kate O'Flanagan -- "Cinema Crucial to Ireland Inc" is part of a three-page profile in the Sunday Business Post, 28 Feb 10.

8. Eleanor Mills -- "Banksy Woz 'Ere" is the cover story of the Sunday Times Magazine, 28 Feb 10.

9. Catherine O'Mahony -- "Indigenous Animation" in the Media & Marketing section of the Sunday Business Post.


10. Elaine O'Regan -- "EU e-skills week" is part of FIT.ie and it fills part of a gutter in the SBP.

11. Rosemarie Meleady is the Wedding Planner and she gets noticed in Agenda magazine inside the SBP.

12. Wordcamp Ireland will attract the more attendees than any other industry event in Ireland next week.


13. In the Sunday Times, Liam Fay reports on Emily O'Reilly's lecture to journalism students in the University of Limerick. It's under the headline, "Reports of Media's Death."

14. TJ McIntyre -- "Web firms aren't liable to stay" is today's Think Tank item in the Sunday Times, 28 Feb 10.

15. Niamh Connolly -- "Resignation puts spotlight on parish pump politics" is in the Sunday Business Post along with an oped piece about the same idea.

16. Adrian Weckler -- "The tweet is on" is a two-page spread in the Sunday Business Post, 28 Feb 10.


17. Dominic Rushe -- "Can the Bloom Box live up to its hype?" is an excellent green tech article in the Sunday Times, 28 Feb 10.


18. Susan Mitchell -- "Heartbreak Hotels" in the Sunday Business Post, 28 Feb 10.

19. John Burke -- "US tourists warned of rising crime in Ireland" in the Sunday Business Post, 28 Feb 10.


20. Jennifer O'Connell -- "AOL Newsroom of the Future" in Agenda Magazine, 28 Feb 10.

Direct link to video: http://qik.com/video/5195789

Direct link to audio: http://www.insideview.ie/files/100228.mp3

One Year Ago: "When the papers end", on InsideView, 23 Feb 09.

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