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Big and SmallI'VE A NEW DELL M2400 LAPTOP running side-by-side a Dell D620 and realise it will take several days to pull all my required programs onto the rippingly-fast Dell Precision laptop. Part of its speed is down to Windows 7. Most of its speed comes from being free of bloat. Besides Microsoft Office and Visual Studio 2005, I've just the basic Windows accessories. I'll be intested in discovering what legacy programs and shell extensions fail to install. Because I want rocket speed to complement the Firewire services that will connect to this lightweight baby, I'm going to use a clever mouse with this laptop. Here's the first hour's tick-off list of programs installed on the new laptop:
1. Google Chrome. The fastest browser in my daily life.

2. iGgoogle. My one-stop social networking service.

3. Feedly. My preferred way to read news.

4. Adobe Shockwave 4.2 MB. I need Flash.

5. Delicious extension to Chrome. I save bookmarks.

6. Ovi2 93.7 MB. I sync my phones to Ovi's cloud services.

7. Dropbox 12.7 MB. For files collaboration.

8. Firefox 7.9 MB. Some video downloaders work exceptionally well on Firefox. But the browser is slowly losing favour with me because it hogs memory.

9. Evernote 3.1 36 MB. The best way to keep your laptop and phone viewing actionable items.

10. Huffduffer plug-in. To save things onto my iPod.

11. Seesmic 6.2 MB. To hear Twitter.

12. Feedly for Firefox. See point 3.

13. Audioshell. Fails to install on W7.

I already know does not play in all of my browsers. I had forgotten the need to install all flavours of Flash. I expect to find more issues during this week of bringing the M2400 up to enterprise strength.

x_ref125mw #technology