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April 17, 2010

70/100 Are iPhones

Visitors by Operating Systems

IT'S HARD TO ARGUE with Morgan Stanley's statistics on the overall dominance of the iPhone as the primary handheld device used to visit web sites. Last month, more than 70% of the mobile browsers (shown above visiting InsideView.ie) that reported their presence to Statcounter came from the iPhone or iPod Touch. I reckon that was the high water mark because I'm seeing three or four new Android visitors every day and those Android handsets could push iPhone visitors below the 60% level before the August heat wave.

In the meantime, I'm filing this blog post under the category of "corrections" because I think I should have agreed with Micheal O Foghlu's comment about the dominance of the iPhone as a mobile internet browser.

Previously: "Market Shares for Phones, 9 April 2010. Now go read Micheal O Foghlu's blog.

Mary Meeker, Scott Devitt and Liang Wu -- "Economy + Internet Trends - Presentation from Web 2.0 Summit", Octoboer 2009. [95 page PDF]

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Not to rubbish the honor of the iPhone being the largest internet browser, but it should be noted, it's also REALLY the ONLY mobile Browser. Sure there is Opera Mini, Wap and dozens of others on mobiles. However the iPhone/iPod/iPad are the only real web rendering browsers. Android is just barely released, and look at the change already.

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