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70/100 Are iPhones

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IT'S HARD TO ARGUE with Morgan Stanley's statistics on the overall dominance of the iPhone as the primary handheld device used to visit web sites. Last month, more than 70% of the mobile browsers (shown above visiting that reported their presence to Statcounter came from the iPhone or iPod Touch. I reckon that was the high water mark because I'm seeing three or four new Android visitors every day and those Android handsets could push iPhone visitors below the 60% level before the August heat wave.

In the meantime, I'm filing this blog post under the category of "corrections" because I think I should have agreed with Micheal O Foghlu's comment about the dominance of the iPhone as a mobile internet browser.

Previously: "Market Shares for Phones, 9 April 2010. Now go read Micheal O Foghlu's blog.

Mary Meeker, Scott Devitt and Liang Wu -- "Economy + Internet Trends - Presentation from Web 2.0 Summit", Octoboer 2009. [95 page PDF]

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