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Handheld Multimedia Collaboration

Free Wi-Fi on Sony ClieTIPPERARY INSTITUTE hosts its annual Schools Conference on Saturday, 15 May 2010, and I will carry the artefact at left with me during the day. I'm going to use the Sony Clie to show how I first developed handheld multimedia material with third level and post-graduate students in 2005. The basic assumptions behind effective handheld media objects remain the same. In my Audioboo (below), I explain some of those factors. Today's handheld multimedia objects benefit from easy connectivity to the cloud via free wifi and solid 3G coverage. Even so, no more than one-third of my students have mobile phones capable of high-speed wifi browsing I reckon it will take another two years before half of the entering class carries convergent phones. In the meantime, I'm continuing to prepare handheld multimedia materials with the goal of increasing collaborative learning.

Handheld Multimedia Collaboration

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