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Seeking Stable Three

Looking through the Ballingarrane CourtyardI FIND CREATIVITY in serenity and just down the street from my assigned work desk at Tipperary Institute, I have walked through some of the most serene spaces in County Tipperary, Ireland. The spaces form part of the Ballingarrane Estate, a large piece of land safeguarded by South Tipperary County Council for use as a science and technology park. It will take some time and money to operationalise the vision of a thriving industrial park and along the way, some of the special character of the place might be subordinated. So I take a half hour every week to walk the grounds of Ballingarrane, thinking of the creativity that could thrive inside Stable Three, a notional place that's actually a stable for horses, complete with bales of hay and rusting door hinges on the gates. I can hear creative voices in that space already. I can see the simple steps necessary to convert the stables into an audiovisual workspace. I know the people on our third level teaching staff who are able to specify how to renovate the space with insulation, overhead windows, and 21st century fittings while also keeping the character of the premises intact. So I'm going to document my vision on my blog, including ideas that will fit into a third level project management module, knowing that creative ideas often spark collaboration when shared.


Bonus Link: My photos of Ballingarrane.

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