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WHILE HANGING OUT in Dublin's Residence Club, watching demonstrators show nice things phones can do, I tapped into Opera Mini to see what I was thinking about five years ago--before the iPhone was carried around in pockets of many friends. I can see my thoughts from 10 years past because I normally jot them down online. Mid-July 2005 was a week after horrific bomb attacks in London--an event captured by pocket-sized mobile phones. It was a week when my thoughts were with Bob Moog as he lay in hospital. It was a week filled with cross-talk about how Google was indexing blogs, something I read on a mailing list on my phone. It would have taken me an hour's worth of reading to read all of those thoughts in 2005 because they would have arrived in staggered intervals. But while standing next to SonyEricsson demonstrators, I could see a stream of tweets on my Xpera X10 that was coursing with ten times the information flow that I got in 2005. I slipped off to a quiet corner to scribble some thoughts from the day in an old-fashioned Moleskine that I carry, then I made a short video clip of those two pages (above), knowing that as soon as I posted the clip and this paragraph online, another 1000 people would glance at the headline. Around 50 will read these words within two hours of their posting.

I wonder how these simple pocket notes will resonate five years from now. I'm setting a date with myself to look back and compare pocket notes.

Direct link to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3wfcwPYLDA

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