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I TEACH A project management module in the creative multimedia degree programme at Tipperary Institute where I've discovered the importance of highlighting the difference between strategy and tactics. I think it's useful to point to established professionals like Keith Bohanna, especially since Keith has a track record for getting things done. My operational definition of the words "strategy" and "tactics" reflect my background, so I have to lay the seeds for meaningful classroom discussion where both practical examples of well-founded strategy and tactics come into the open for clear understanding. My first port of call in this classroom exercise is my blog, where I've noted a few public references to both strategies and tactics in the mainstream Irish media.

Strategy and Tactics



A little about Microsoft's strategy integrating the social mesh and device mesh. (2008)

Creative business strategies involving amateurs and professionals. (2010)

UK strategy of building a creative hub from the FT (2008).

Fostering an ICT strategy among Irish teachers (2009).

An inside view of Ireland's broadband strategy (2009 and 2006, without much of a metric).

Mindfulness as a personal strategy (2006).

A personal strategy: Talk to a duck (2006).


Brevity as a tactic (2007).

Consumer tactics (2007).

Copper Green interrogation tactics (2004).

Tactics for competitive advantage (2007).

Tactics inside the Irish property bubble (2007).

Tactics for packing light (2006)

I'm using this annotated blog post as a springboard for discussion and hope to get a cluster of Audioboos from students who listen, learn and respond to the discussion.

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