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Digital Promotion for Business

Digital Promotion for BusinessIN EARLY 2011, Tipperary Institute, in partnership with the Limerick Institute of Technology will run a semester-long Special Award called Digital Promotion for Business. We wrote the short course by pulling together HETAC-accredited modules in Media Writing, Social Media, Public Relations, Web Analytics and Group Project work. The continuous assessments for each of the modules weave together the academic workload to create a group dynamic that will result in participants seeing ways to promote both their own brands and their business interests. Several other accredited programmes exist in Ireland, covering some of the facets inside this Special Purpose Award. However, I've not encountered anything that brings together all the learning objectives so they can be curated as group work. We plan to run the programme in Limerick, starting in January 2011 with a small cohort of students from the Dell Redundant Workers' Association.