Cold Christmas in Ireland
Day Two Without Water

12 Weeks 4 Days

12 weeks 4 daysYOU LEARN A LOT from ultrasounds including a lot of precious things. We've known since September that new cries might be filling the house next June but when you see the outline of an embryonic form, everything comes into sharper focus. We're sharing an ultrasound scan taken just after 12 weeks of growth and even though this is our second time around, it's just as precious as seeing little Mia when she was this young. Pregnancies are special times and we know how important it is to let things settle. Our home is a lot more toddler-friendly now than three years ago when Mia arrived and there are certainly more toys to occupy time. We don't care if pink isn't the favourite colour of the next baby and we're just going to wait for a surprise on the 10th of June 2011 when the real fun starts.

Bonus Photo: First Tag

Fact: The little one will be hit with a tax obligation of at least EUR 20,000 on birth.

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