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SimplenoteI HAVE YEARS OF paper journals stacked in boxes and I have several books that could be written from those boxes of notes. But you have to have a process to be a writer and to that end I want to share this little piece of text:

At this stage, my touchscreen publishes to my blog. In the second stage, it syncs with any changes I make. Those changes appear in my Simplenote account on my W7 laptop and through my iPad app as well. Journalists might enjoy this Simplenote list-keeping system. I think it is very useful for ticking off reminders, creating a collaborative shopping list, transcribing meeting notes, holding blog posts in draft format then emailing them directly to a blog like I did in this instance, brainstorming, keeping the digital version of a paper journal, making a list of restaurants, copying and pasting travel arrangements or working with any kind of flat text file.

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