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January 06, 2011

Headed to LOCC


@focuSMEmagazineTHE FIRST LIMERICK OPEN COFFEE meets today, promising cross-talk of ways entrepreneurs are side-stepping Ireland's current economic woes by creating compelling export-based products and services. I hope I can get some feedback for the Web Promotion for Business short course that Tipperary Institute is running with LIT for the exclusive benefit of Dell redundant workers. Perhaps I can arrange a short piece in FocuSME magazine. The monthly meet-ups of entrepreneurs, founders and students in Limerick's Absolute Hotel is one of the most inspiring activities I do every month. Limerick Open Coffee is a relatively long-running affair, inspired by James Corbett on the heels of Sal Klein's London network. Most of those attending come from incubation centres in the University of Limerick and the Limerick Institute of Technology. Even though third level students benefit from LOCC meetings, it will be more difficult to arrange these meet-ups next during next semester because of timetable conflicts so it's good to get rejuvenated today.

LOCC Report


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Despite having a broken down car, I am thrilled that like Bernie and Eileen in this blog post / recording that I was able to make and be inspired from my attendance at the first LOCC meeting for 2011.

A special thanks deserves to go to fellow LOCC member David Quaid - SEO specialist from PrimaryPostion http://www.primaryposition.com/ and Founder of Webcare http://webcare.ie/ for giving me a lift to this grand occasion - thank you David!

In fact, I would like to share, that it was through my initial contact with James Corbett and his subsequent invitation to a LOCC meeting that my own idea for setting up VOPAM Virtual Office Professional Administration was first planted. I was so moved by the positivity of the group, that I could not, not be inspired from my attendance at these meetings and I attach a link to my first blog post, giving credit to James and LOCC in this regard http://www.vopam.com/blog/blog-post/

I am glad to share that my attendance at this first meeting of the year did not disappoint. I feel it is worth making the point, that if you a budding entrepreneur, are interested in learning, meeting new people, and new innovative business projects; including but not limited to technical advances - then the Absolute Hotel at 11am on the First Thursday of every month is absolutely the place for you to be!

I look forward to meeting and greeting you there.


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