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The Marvels of Digital Audio

Lavalier in my fistUNTIL I HEARD the February 2011 New York Times Tech Talk podcast segment about the Mikey 2 iPhone microphone, I did not fully appreciate the newest mobile hardware in my bag. I'm carrying the Nokia N8 and it has Dolby audio circuitry. I also have two iOS4 devices and both of them have truly digital audio inputs. This means that they should accept all sorts of legacy audio hardware I've in my travel bags. I have no need to acquire cheap plastic imitations because I already have tough road gear. I've started testing my gear by making a few test recordings with my Rode and lavalier mics. Everything works! This means we can plan to record higher quality sound at source during the creative multimedia sessions we have set up with the Dell Redundant Workers Association next month. And it also means we have effectively tripled the number of recording devices available for the recording of College Lives on TippFM.

Go read the Bits Blog. Then listen to the result on Audioboo.

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