EGFDell Week Four
Typepad Ajax on E7

E7 post

E7 Mic RigJUST A QUICK CHECK of mail2blog posting sent from my Nokia E7 phone. I'm trying to make the E7 work with AlonMP3, a piece of software that is not designed for new Symbian phones. The recording software works great with my legacy mobile recording equipment, shown at left. I want to pull all these things together on the Web Promotion for Business course that we're running. If this post goes up to my weblog, it means that my mail2blog service is working fine with my E7's Gmail service. I'm trying to attach audio clips directly to my blog posts--something that I thought I could do last year--but discovered that I cannot email directly out from the AlonMP3 software. After I emailed my blog post up to InsideView, I used the server software to attach the audio file to the blog post. I'd like to be able to email the MP3 file to the blog as an attachment to a post.

First Use of Rig

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