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Southtipp Is Open for BusinessI LIVE AND WORK in County Tipperary, Ireland so I'm interested in what that means to distant friends, potential collaborators and to my local community. The South Tipperary County Council have a video that pushes home the message of working in Tipperary. Since my creative multimedia students would be in the crosshairs of multinational companies setting up shop in our area, we've combed through the video to see how it reflects reality on the ground. I'll publish the results after the May exams because I plan to feature a question about the video on the public relations exam. I want to read how students would revise the video or reframe the message. Here is a direct link to the video: http://vimeo.com/21315538

If you ask Google about living and working in Tipperary, you get some results that do not appear in the video.. Here are the tearaway ideas that appear in my browser when I search for results related to my local area, south Tipperary:

-- It's a destination.

-- There are disability services.

-- Arts have a strong footprint.

-- You can find directories that explain what's on.

-- Tipperary has a living history.

-- Opportunities exist to work with youth.

-- Locals want to connect with friends.

-- You can find your perfect match in Tipp with adult personal services.

-- You may have entitlements worth exploring.

-- You can experience independent living in County Tipperary.

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