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Biros and Webcams

MY WORKSHOP at the ICT in Education Conference on 14 May in Thurles covered how to leverage a biro and a webcam in the classroom. I made a series of three Qik clips using both the iPod Touch (excellent optics in version 4) and the Nokia E7 (lovely audio when compared to most handheld devices). The idea: to share the handheld techniques that work best for me when recording black ink in copybooks. My tearaways follow.

1. The optics and ease of use make the iPod Touch the device most teachers will use. However, it takes some patience to ensure the Touch actually uploads the video clips.

2. The Nokia E7, with a condenser microphone attached, is my preferred device combination because I can control what it's doing better than the iPod Touch. I really like its build quality and QWERTY keyboard. The digital audio and macro mode on the Nokia N8 delivers the best value-for-money for making Qik clips. Most of the teacher in the ICTedu workshop that I presented could get the N8 for less than EUR 100 on their mobile phone upgrade plans.

3. Although Qik is faster and reliable, time should be set aside for downloading and remixing Qik clips as revision material. I do not have time to give away so this is always a challenge for me.

Bonus Link: Qik clip made by teachers sharing major takeaways from the 2011 ICT in Education event.

Qik clip: E7 with natural light

Qik clip: Using the iPod Touch with Qik shows its macro mode works very well.

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