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Colm Lyon at Limerick OpenCoffee

Colm Lyon StorytellingCOLM LYON, CEO of Realex Payments, spoke to a mixed group at Limerick OpenCoffee on the first Friday of May 2011. Half of the group were ex-Dell employees who are completing a Web Promotion for Business programme run by the Limerick Institute of Technology. The other half were entrepreneurs or business people who regularly attend the self-organising OpenCoffee session in the Absolute Hotel. Colm shared ideas about hard luck, business intelligence, and clever ingenuity while standing in the same room where a PBS film crew interviewed Dell employees just before Limerick's largest employer closed its doors. The timeless ideas shared by Colm are the kinds of things high-flying executives hear in some of the world's best business schools. This was an outstanding OpenCoffee session, made more enjoyable in the presence of one of Ireland's leading social media influencers.

Colm Lyon

Bock the Robber likes Colm's business sense. The image proves that portions of Colm Lyon's OpenCoffee chat will be released as a short video.