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Documentally in Limerick

Signing for ChristianA SMALL GROUP of ex-Dell employees met up with Christian Payne in the Absolute Hotel and learned how a photographer, worried about being reduced to a commodity, morphed into a world-class storyteller. After he finished talking about his new line of work, Christian went down to Dolan's live music venue on Steamboat Quay to talk to Mick Dolan. It's remarkable for me to see Christian at work with a pinhole microphone and a retro-looking camera. And although he's able to make simple work out of spontaneous events, there's no doubting his abilities as an observer and impromptu speaker. I've seen Christian parachute into several places and watched him produce exceptional minutes of on-the-scene reportage. His method and his technology deserve to be observed by journalists everywhere who are worried about being squeezed by new media. Christian Payne aka documentally knows how to make the kind of reports that the Facebook Generation will sit to absorb.

Did you hear? Mick Dolan has a pub.

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