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Flying Through Pastures

Proof M9 Doesn't ExistMY OVI MAPS think I'm flying through some Kilkenny pastures at 80mph nowadays. That's because the Navteq database doesn't know about Irish motorways until they're commissioned and the M9 is so fresh that no Irish Minister has cut its ribbon. It's also a stretch of road with such a low traffic count that many onlookers tar it as part of the Celtic Tiger folly years. I like the M9, especially since it's free of speed cameras and unlikely to attract the long lines of lorries that trundle down the parallel M8. So when I need to run from my campus in Clonmel to Dublin for daytime events, I relish hitting the M9 and getting to the city centre venues within 140 minutes. That's a welcome result of the Celtic Tiger's construction projects for me.

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