Redundancies in the Air

Kitchen Table Art

Daily DrawingMOST MORNINGS our kitchen table has some remnant that proves the kitchen is part artist's studio. This morning, as I put away Mia's colouring sets, I decided to talk about what it means to watch an emerging artist craft her work. It's quite remarkabke to see the personal development of a little person as she experiments with colour pencil, watercolour pigments, and graphite on sponge. I think she gets some of this creative playfulness from her mom the animator. She also has learned to appreciate art-making in her Play and Learn creche from one kind woman, a mom a generation older than Mia, who knows how to teach via art. This is a story that will continue to pique my interest.


Kitchen Table Art.mp3

Audio recorded, text typed and image snapped by my Nokia E7. I used mail2blog Eircom Typepad service in Cashel, County Tipperary, Ireland, to record this Mia Art.

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