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La Cucina On My Food Map

La Cucina on my Food MapI MADE LA CUCINA, a lovely Italian cafe in Limerick, one of my personal favourites with Ovi Maps a few years ago and then marked it with an incorrect street address on Foursquare well before people were using the Foursquare app in Ireland. I enjoy pizza and fresh ricotta cheese whenever I visit La Cucina and our three-year-old daughter loves "white pasta" as a takeaway option. Today, guest Christian Payne stops by to visit La Cucina for lunch and then shares his impression with an evening tweet-up of ex-Dell employees and Limerick OpenCoffee members in the Absolute Hotel. The image I scraped from Lorraine's Italian Foodies blog is an inviting portion of roast vegetable lasagne, a dish I used to make with great success. This summer, we're growing the vegetables that will most likely end up in several servings of lasagne. If you want an invitation to the totally local cooked dinner, let me know. And if you're passing through Limerick along the Dublin Road at lunchtime, you've no excuse for missing La Cucina.

La Cucina, University Court, Limerick, Ireland is also on Foursquare and starred on my phone's maps. Here's a map shot from Bing for La Cucina.

Bonus Track: Beach Boys "Vegetables" via Brian Greene.

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