Disappointment at Exit 8

Pedagogy and Growth

Growth and ProgressTHREE YEARS HAVE elapsed since our first semesterised intake of creative multimedia students at Tipperary Institute and it's growing as a quality course. Around the launch of that programme, we bought a little knee-high tree and used it for Christmas. We transplanted the tree and for one hard winter and most of the summer, nothing happened. Then it started growing in spurts. Now it's time to clip some of the brown needles and to feed its roots. We want it to get a wider diameter and that means following a certain strategy. In my working world, I'm adjusting some of the growth patterns of our creative multimedia degree. We're pruning some objectives, articulating others and developing some new modules that will give the creative multimedia degree a stronger spread of skill sets in graduates. The meandering continues in another programmatic review today.


Growing Things

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