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May 16, 2011

Redundancies in the Air

Your FutureI WORK WITH A TEAM of dedicated colleagues in Tipperary Institute who are now feeling the effects of mandatory redundancies as part of the Croke Park Agreement. That Agreement, hammered out between unions and government, takes on special importance because its by-products of efficiency are being measured in real expenditure by the International Monetary Fund. This means real savings have to be offered up and in the case of Tipperary Institute, that translates into real people leaving the payroll. I work directly with several of those people and can feel the impact of their leaving. Most of them fill specific jobs and also work outside of their functional areas. They add their voices, presence and ideas to initiatives across the staff. It affects me to see them go because often they were ardent champions for causes. You cannot replace a champion with another name. The passion is part of the personality. It's natural for affected staff members to feel personally aggrieved and let down. It's also fair to say that suppliers, management team and co-workers also all feel the impact. Although I knew redundancies were coming, I didn't realise that the pain would extend beyond the people affected directly. I can feel the impact like a knot in my stomach. I'm looking around to figure out how I might lend a hand to make the exit process less painful. Some day either myself of a family member might need to use external support or a helping hand to make the transition to another line of work. And I can't help but think that we have just started down the road of down-sizing across nearly every State-funded agency in Ireland.

Citizen Information -- Unemployment and Redundancy in Ireland from the online resource.

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Wait, I'm not sure I understand this. In order to have redundancies...in order to have savings, other people have to be fired? That seems somewhat twisted to me.

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