Sunday Letter from Ireland
Flying Through Pastures

Welcoming Christian Payne

Christian TestingCHRISTIAN PAYNE, our man inside with a story to tell, started his work week in Ireland, beginning today with the Mash Conference. I'm hopeful that several groups of creative Irish can hear him explain the important role storytelling plays in our culture. I have listened to Christian ever since he rolled his Landrover and count his Audioboo segments as one of the best parts of new media. He knows how to create theatre in the mind--the ultimate skillset of a storyteller. Seated with him a short 15-minute session, I absorbed ideas that I know will enhance the creative multimedia programme in Tipperary Institute as well as connect the dots in a multimedia heritage programme that we're currently developing.

At Mashmedia

Christian takes his storytelling skills into Croke Park for a workshop today and then into a tweetup in Limerick with ex-Dell employees at 6PM Thursday in the Absolute Hotel before hooking up with the ICT in Education conference on Saturday in Thurles.

Regular readers of my blog would definitely enjoy listening to Documentally on Audioboo (Christian's account) and meeting up with him in Limerick on Thursday or Thurles on Saturday after he finishes his Master Classes at Mash2011.

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