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Handycam GearAROUND TWICE a month, people ask me how I create the short newsclips that I produce about the Irish Sunday News. The short answer: JVC Everio Handycam and Nokia N8 in macro mode. After two years of making those clips, I've finally arrived at the 100 viewer plateau. That's really too small of a visitor count on YouTube but when those hundred viewers originate on my website, it becomes a paying proposition. It is nice to know that a compact handheld kit can create those video clips from all sorts of venues around the world. I've made the clips in my back garden, in NYC Starbucks coffee shops, in several Stateside hotels and in my car. The handy feature is the extremely portable nature of my equipment and the availability of 3G or quality wifi bandwidth. I use the JVC Everio Handycam, a Rode or Beyerdynamic shotgun mic, XLR to 3.5mm cable, USB to mini-USB cable and a tripod. I hope to see James Corbett's creative video work unfold during the summer.

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